Monday, April 13, 2015

Classes Open House At Michaels April 25

All Classes at Michaels will be 50% off on Saturday, April 25

I'll be doing Open House Demos in the morning at Westerly Michaels--10-12, Lisbon, CT 12:30-2:30 and Dayville Michaels 3-5pm  What a whirlwind!!

Come visit me at one of these stores!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Daughter-in-Law's 50th Birthday Cake!!

Brenda loves Tinkerbelle, so for her birthday celebration today I made this cake!

There were 36 cupcakes sent along with it with simple rosettes on each in all the cake colors.  The cake itself is a 3-color checkerboard inside, with yellow, pink and green.

We left before the cake was cut, so I don't have a pic.  It was my first attempt at my new* Wilton Checkerboard Cake Kit, and I found it a lot of work (my first try resulted in only two layers--duh--I hadn't read the instructions and only used one cake mix--you need three!!!)--it might have been easier to make three separate layers in the three colors, and cut out the circular pieces to rearrange in each to form the pattern (something I saw on Pinterest), but I didn't have any suitable cutters for that process (though in afterthought, the plastic thingy in the kit might work--note to self!), and the second try one worked, so it was probably worth it--though I didn't use the pans that came in the kit because...
*...they had been used!!! 

I think it was a return item that they put pack on the shelf without opening the box to check the contents.  Yuck!!  There was brown baked on grease in and outside each pan!  I was able to scrub them clean with Dawn and my handy green scrubby, so no harm done, but...just yuck!  Who does that??